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As the Ashford area’s favoured scaffolders, DC Access Systems often receives inquiries regarding one of the most integral parts of what our team, and indeed the wider construction sector does on a day-to-day basis– work safely at height, without incident. For the benefit of all those working at height, from fellow scaffolding contractors, through to keen DIY’ers, we’ve provided a number of crucial safety tips further down this page.

But it might be that you’ve simply found this page while searching for reputable scaffolding companies in Ashford, and if that’s the case, the below may not be of total relevance to you (at least right now); if that’s the case, skip ahead and call our friendly team of time served scaffolders on 01732 504 859. We provide the area with a full range of scaffolding services for domestic, commercial and industrial clients alike. Just contact us to discuss your requirements, and get a quote on the scaffolding you require.

Scaffolding Safety Tips

Work Slower
Whether you’ve been in the construction trade for many years now, or you’re a homeowner looking to paint/decorate an outside wall, this tip applies: slow down! It can be tempting to work quickly as to get the project over and done with, so you can put your feet up or move on to the next job. But many an accident in Ashford and the wider UK has occurred due to “rushing” while working at height. While the structures scaffolding companies like DC Access System erect are designed and erected with safety in mind, reckless use will still prove costly.

Keep a Tidy Workspace
This point is really self-explanatory, but it’s worth highlighting just how mistakes can be made in this category. An errant tool or container kept on a scaffold can both trip those on the scaffold, and be knocked off to hit those below the scaffold. Our scaffolders receive careful training around how to manoeuvre materials and tools while erecting a structure, and we’d advise Ashford clients to have their own protocol in place to avoid a chaotic and untidy workspace, with all the hazards it contains.

Wear the Right Equipment
While each job is different, scaffolding contractors know to make proper use of safety equipment like proper work boots, goggles, hard hats, thick gloves and high-vis jackets. Each prevents against a particular set of hazards which could otherwise cause injury at height, or even a fall from the scaffold itself. When gearing up to begin a project, consider which items are essential and which might serve as an extra layer of security; other scaffolding companies operating in Ashford will tell you the same thing ours will: if in doubt, ere on the side of caution.

Get Trained
Ashford construction workers who lack certification and training would do well to speak with their higher ups to see if they can arrange it; most companies want well-trained employees, and so are often happy to finance it. The educational aspect of it can prove invaluable and ensure you work at height in as rigorous and careful a manner as scaffolders / scaffolding contractors themselves!

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