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Taking on Projects of All Shapes and Sizes – Your Versatile Scaffolders in Kent | DC Access Systems

Over the course of an average week, DC Access Systems covers a lot of ground. Our scaffolders can be found throughout all areas of Kent and the surrounding counties, establishing carefully designed access solutions that allow for safe, efficient work at height. These solutions address all kinds of problems…

In our inaugural blog post, we thought we’d show the diverse range of projects that we attend to, and the kinds of challenges they involve. We love nothing more than to provide precisely tailored, bespoke structures for first time and repeat clients alike. If you’re in Kent and have a project of your own that will involve work at height, why not give our scaffolders a call on 01732 504 859? We can arrange a site survey and risk assessment so that the planning phase can get underway!

Common Projects That Require Scaffolders’ Assistance

Home Improvements – If you’re a Kent homeowner gearing up to invest in your property, you’ve probably considered the functional and monetary value that an extension can offer. Or perhaps you’re looking to replace an antiquated roof that’s always giving you problems. That’s just two of a number of home improvements where work from height is required. To facilitate this work, you’ll need to call in qualified scaffolders like our own, who ensure that projects can proceed safely and that your budget takes a minimal hit! For our prices are always competitive.

Painting & Decorating – Whether decorating the inside of a property or its external facades, from painting and decorating a large and high ceilinged room, to the upper most walls of a residential complex, scaffolding can help make work safer and of a higher quality. As anyone in Kent who has tried it will know, painting and decorating from a ladder has its limitations. It constantly needs to be repositioned and isn’t conducive to hitting deadlines; and if you stretch to reach an area, you could be putting your life at risk. So it’s no wonder why our scaffolders are always receiving calls to establish structures for these purposes.

Repairs – As with painting and decorating, accessing hard to reach or high areas of a domestic, commercial or industrial property in order to conduct repairs is ill advised. A bespoke structure designed and erected by our Kent scaffolders is preferable, and can ensure that you meet all requisite building regulations and fulfil the requirements of health and safety legislation. Accidents at height are far more likely to occur if the proper infrastructure isn’t there to support you and your staff.

Window Cleaners – Ever seen the hanging scaffolding adorning the tops of tall buildings in the Kent area? It may be the work of DC Access Systems! Our scaffolders work with commercial window cleaners to ensure that inhabitants of top floor flats can still take in the view – whether from residential flat or corporate office block.

Searching for a team of capable scaffolders for one of the above projects, or something entirely different? Call DC Access Systems in Kent on 01732 504 859.