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As scaffolders, we’ve undergone extensive training to ensure that we can work safely at height; safety is also the end goal of our services – we look to reduce the chance of accidents and injuries through the meticulous design and erection of scaffolding structures. Continuing on this theme, in today’s blog, we’ve looked to highlight some of the hazards that could, if not properly identified and dealt with, cause problems for workers in the Maidstone area (one of our principal areas of coverage). We hope it will be informative!

Remember, as Maidstone’s favoured domestic, commercial and industrial scaffolders, we’re always on hand to assist clients in meeting health and safety regulations, and in the safeguarding of people and property. So should you have a concern regarding on-going work at height, or a structure we’ve recently erected for you, call us ASAP on 01732 504 859.

Working from Height – 3 Hazards You Should be Aware of…

Stability – Whether working on a scaffold or a surface like a roof, it’s vital that stability is taken into account. If you call in our Maidstone scaffolders, you’ll know exactly what the maximum load a structure will take is, and you’ll receive weekly inspections to ensure that it remains stable. Not working on a scaffold? An assessment should still be undertaken to ensure that the platform is secure enough for the work at hand, and to put in place appropriate measures. These might include limiting the number of workers and weight of materials / tools on the platform. Should a working platform be too fragile to work on, our scaffolders can design a bespoke structure that will allow you to work safely and efficiently.

Weather – Heavy rain fall, high winds and similar weather can be serious risks when working at height. You could slip on a surface or scaffold board (if not properly protected from the elements). If the structure, workers and working practice are not suitably prepared for such an occasion, work should be halted and your scaffolders should visit to carry out an inspection once less hazardous conditions have returned.

Objects – One of the most common causes of accidents on construction sites in Maidstone and wider Kent, is a tool or material being knocked from height onto someone passing below. If the object is heavy it’s easy to see how serious damage could be caused. Keeping a clean site and having a strict working practice in place is the best way to avoid this eventuality.

Ensure you and your team can work safely at height, and carry out high quality work. Call DC Access Systems, the Maidstone area’s trusted scaffolders, on 01732 504 859.