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DC Access Systems Ltd is a company of scaffolders that prides itself on the delivery of first-class services at an affordable price. We make health and safety the heart of what we do, and assist our domestic and commercial clients in Kent with the safest access solutions. To be truly effective in our role as scaffolding contractors, it’s important for all personnel to be proficient in the construction of different structures for a range of different purposes.

On this page, we look at some of the different towers our scaffolders supply to projects in the Kent area, explain the set-ups and discuss the different uses.

Supported Scaffolding

This is one of the most common forms of scaffolding, built from the ground up and designed to fit around almost any type of building. Supported scaffolding is safe, easy to build, very affordable to hire and effective as an access system. Wherever possible, our scaffolders build supported scaffolding in Kent which is attached to the building itself and then secured to a base plate. This establishes a solid and steady foundation for the entire structure.

Our scaffolding erectors in Kent set these structures up with as many levels as you require, enabling you to work easily and safely at height across multiple stories with very few risks.

Hanging Scaffolding

Have you ever seen scaffolding structures hanging from the tops of buildings or office blocks in Kent, and used by a window cleaner or a tradesman? If you have, it might be one built by our scaffolders. Most scaffolding contractors have this particular construction type in their repertoire. It is a suitable option when a building is too tall to access via one of our standard supported scaffolding structures or on projects where unstable ground could be a risk.

Scaffolding contractors fix scaffolding components to the building, checking to ensure it comfortably supports the weight of the assigned number of people using it. This is a popular choice with property maintenance companies and builders in and around the Kent area.

Birdcage Scaffolding

Typically, scaffolders construct birdcage scaffolding when access to one level is required instead of reach into multiple levels (which is where we prefer to use supported or hanging scaffolding). This scaffolding structure is simple to erect and stands independently of the building, making it convenient and cheap in terms of labour, components and materials.

On top of this, they’re very easy to use and quick for scaffolding contractors to build.

Because it only grants access to one level, a birdcage is a niche access solution that is more popular with Kent homeowners than it is with commercial clients in the region.

Temporary Roofing

Our scaffolding contractors often help construction companies and roofers in the Kent area by erecting temporary roofing structures. These do exactly as they describe, and shelter people and properties from the elements while work continues underneath. When a property needs repairs or a roofing replacement, or when tradesmen need to construct a system from scratch, rain and cement mix to waste materials and make the work harder.

Using our scaffolders to erect temporary roofing is an essential part of the job.

The scaffolding contractors at DC Access System also build temporary roofing structures in Kent in the event of property damage. Sometimes, it’s important to get protection in place before repairs begin, otherwise damage to the underlying joists and eaves makes the repairs more difficult and more expensive. We’re here to meet your needs on a responsive basis.

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