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There are many different situations in which calling in professional scaffolding contractors can prove invaluable. DC Access Systems, as a leading choice amongst scaffolding companies active in the Sevenoaks area, often caters to weird and wonderful situations which might not immediately spring to mind when you think of what scaffolders do during a typical workweek. While these odd jobs are always fascinating, we realise they’re fairly rare!

This page deals with some of the less exciting, yet vital “meat and potatoes” tasks we assist with. We’re aware that clients around the Sevenoaks area who haven’t ever felt the need to call in our scaffolding contractors, or indeed enlist the services of any other scaffolding companies, may be missing out as they consider their project too small for a helpful access solution. So let’s dispel that idea by running over the projects we most typically aid with…

How Our Scaffolding Helps Sevenoaks Clients

Home Improvements
While our scaffolding contractors do in fact assist with large commercial and industrial undertakings occurring in and around Sevenoaks, we also help home owners with all shapes and sizes of home improvement. You might be extending your kitchen, converting an attic, or even replacing a decrepit roof – the common thread between these projects is that having scaffolders design and erect a structure tailored to the project will both speed up work, and ensure it’s carried out in a safe/secure manner (working from a ladder is far more dangerous).

Painting & Decorating
Both professional and DIY painting and decorating projects going on in the Sevenoaks area can benefit from a quality scaffolding structure. External walls may need a fresh coat of paint, or you may be going for something more radically transformative to dramatically improve curb appeal. Some situations even see scaffolding companies like DC Access Systems build internal “birdcage” scaffolds, so that workers can paint the entire surface of a roof, rather than struggle to access the centremost segments from a ladder.

Repair Work
The repair work our scaffolding erectors most typically assist with targets the gutter and roof, each of which due to its exposure to the elements is exceptionally liable to fixes/replacement etc. Whether you are a professional roofing/gutter repair contractor operating in Sevenoaks and need our scaffolders to set up a structure to enable your work, or are considering DIY repairs to your own property, we can help!

Window Cleaners
It can be an intimidating sight when you see window cleaners working at the top of a huge tower block or multi-storey building, but scaffolding companies make their work much safer by designing and installing hanging scaffolding from which they work their wonders.

DC Access Systems also works with property maintenance companies who need to inspect their assets; our scaffolders can allow employees to check the structural integrity of their outside of a particular property, freely and easily.

…but remember, this list is far from exhaustive! Whatever reason you require the assistance of our scaffolders and scaffolding contractors in Sevenoaks, call 01732 504 859!